Why this blog…

I have come to the conclusion that my current lifestyle will not suffice if a disaster were to happen. I tend to eat out all the time and do not have much in the cubards, nor do I have any water stored up. If a natural disaster were to hit, like hurricane Katrina, or the tsunami in Japan, I would be in a world of hurt in a very short amount of time. So, this blog is to document how I am preparing for any disaster that may happen.

I hope that you will help by contributing knowledge, good methods and instructions.

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  1. Micah5 says:

    Good start with that water tank. Once you start doing food make sure to use the mylar bags with O2 absorbers. Will greatly increase longevity. If you store peanuts go with glass jars versus plastic. Store shortening over cooking oil as it goes rancid much faster. Pasta, white sugar, honey, syrup, etc will last forever….

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