In a previous post, I talked about how me and my family had picked up a water tank for our bug out property. Several weeks ago we picked up a 280 gallon propane tank up off of Craigslist for $400. This will probably be the first of 2 of this size.

Our plan is to pour a pad for the tanks, and then surround the pad (and tanks) with a tire and rammed earth berm to achieve two objectives. The first objective is to make it safe from harm by vehicles, projectiles, etc. The second objective is to camoflauge it in order to allow it to blend into the surrounding environment better.

The main reason for the propane tanks is for cooking, however it could also be used to boil water for drinking if necessary. As this property is the family bug out location and we have a large family, we forsee the need for a lot of energy to be able to cook with.

The propane will not be our only avenue for energy to cook with however. I came across a pretty cool rocket stove on youtube the other day and I am going to look into getting one or two as they start at around $80 and are very efficient. You can check them out here:

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